Gynexin Review – Does Gynexin Work?
What is Gynexin?

Gynexin is relatively new treatment which claims to offer gynecomastia sufferers an alternative to expensive or complicated surgery.

Gynexin is currently only available to buy in the US, but can be ordered with relative ease from the UK and EU via the official Gynexin website.

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What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is the feminisation of male breast tissue and is said to affect around 40% of the male population.

The condition is also commonly referred to as as “man boobs” and in Greek literally translates as “women breasts”.

There are a number of different causes of gynecomastia, ranging from excess estrogen activity during puberty (hormonal related) or just simply due to being overweight – known as psuedogynacomastia.

However, despite the cause of the condition, it is often extremely hard to eradicate and typically requires surgery to cure gynecomastia completely.

How does Gynexin work?

Gynexin contains a number of beneficial ingredients which work synergistically to “switch off” fat cells in mammary tissue.

While there is no actual 100% cure for gynecomastia other than surgery, Gynexin has helped many men reduce the condition considerably, and in many cases even reverse it.

However, those who have very stubborn and glandular gynecomastia will be unlikely to benefit from Gynexin without combining treatment with an anti-estrogen product such as 6-OXO or Nolvadex alongside it.

Gynexin directions

Gynexin should be taken twice per day, once in the morning before breakfast, and again later in the evening.

How to get the most out of Gynexin

If the cause of gynecomastia is the result of high body fat, then exercises which target the pectorals will help speed up any potential treatment such as Gynexin.

Compound exercises such as the bench press, dumbell flyes and press-ups will all encourage muscle growth, which in turn can metabolise fatty deposits in the chest area.

Gynexin has a thermogenic effect on the body, and also contains chromium picolinate which ensures healthy thyroid function. This can magnify the effects of any weight loss or muscle building routine, further enhancing the treatment of gynecomastia.

How long will it take for Gynexin to work?

General feedback dictates that Gynexin offers noticeable results after 2-3 months of use. However, those who combine treatment with an exercise routine may see far better results much more quickly.

Gynexin review conclusion – is it worth buying?

Gynexin is available with a full 100% money back guarantee, offering a minimal risk alternative for anyone considering surgery as the only option.

General feedback on this product is very positive, with the only common complaint being the price.

Gynexin costs $69.95 for a one month supply but can be purchased much more cheaply when ordered in bulk from the official website.

The 6 month supply offers better value for UK and EU buyers, lowering the cost to below $50 per month (around £32)

Any unwanted packages after treatment is complete can be returned for a full refund.

Where to buy Gynexin?

Gynexin is available to buy directly from the official Gynexin website with a full money back guarantee.

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